Sushi Maker Kit Oshizushi Pressed Sushi

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Sushi maker kit for DIY Sushi at Home

  • Sushi maker kit allows you to make your own sushi at home. Oshizushi or pressed sushi is a type of traditional Japanese sushi. In western culture we may know this as a fashion sandwich. Because it looks pretty similar in appearance. And is made similarly. Except this sushi is made by pressing the wooden rectangle parts of the sushi maker together. Therefore pressing the sushi into sushi pieces. Saving you plenty of time and effort. So you can enjoy delicious home made sushi.

How to make oshizushi at home


Steps 1 – 10 for Sushi Maker Kit

  1. Place the mold facing down, with sushi maker standing up right and add a layer of rice
  2. Press the rice flat with the top of the wooden mould
  3. Add your ingredients like salmon, avo etc and press the mould down again, the cover it again with rice
  4. Press the sushi again with the top wooden mould until it’s nice and compact
  5. Cut the sushi through the sushi maker
  6. And the wooden top mould again and turn it over
  7. Remove the mould from the sushi
  8. Identify the cuts in the sushi rice
  9. Cut through it again and
  10. And then you can even cut it into square again and enjoy

What is oshizushi?

  • Oshizushi is a sushi dish made by layering sushi rice and ingredients in a wooden frame and pressing them together, which is mainly eaten in western Japan. It is usually rectangular in shape, but can also be square, fan-shaped, or flower-shaped. In addition to standard pressed sushi such as sabazushi (mackerel sushi) and trout sushi, there are also famous pressed sushi such as Osaka’s sparrow sushi, Kyoto’s hamo sushi, and Hyogo’s sea eel sushi. Outside of the Kansai region, oshizushi is eaten in Ishikawa and Nagano prefectures, as well as in Shikoku region.

Product Specifications

  • Hinoki Oshibako for Oshizushi 5 piece set
  • Materials: HINOKI Japanese cypress
  • size 205x85x55mm (235g)

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