1.This manual exists to tell you what information we have and help you get access to it.

2.Our Details.

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Who can request for information.

The capacity under which a personsmakes a request for data defines the category in which the person will fall into. There are four categories of petitioner:

1. A Petitioner who wants information about themselves;

2.A government agency that seeks information in the public interest

3.A Representative acting on behalf of thePetitioner(s);

4. A third party who inquires about a Personal Data; or

How to pertion for information.

You are well within your rights to request for information however the following procedures must be followed.

Please send the request to our information officer's email address or physical address using the information we will provide in this document.To the best of your abilitie ensure that your request clearly contains sufficient information for the information officer to identify you, the requested records, and the type of access you require,Also provide your email address, postal address, or fax number.To the best of your ability explain the right you wish to exercise or protect, also explains why you require the requested record to exercise or protect that right.Be clear on any other manner you would like to be notified of our decision except in writing, and If you are making the request on behalf of someone else, please give proof of your capacity (we will assess whether this proof is adequate).


All information requests will be evaluated on their own merits and in compliance with the prevailing legal standards and legislation.

Information requests that are clearly unreasonable or unconscionable will be denied.

Within 30 calendar days after receiving your request, we shall advise you in writing whether it has been approved or denied. If we are unable to locate the record you requested, we will notify you.

Please understand that we are well within our rights to refuse access ,below is a list of some of the reasons your request may not be granted,this list is not limited,a valid reason in accordance with Chapter 4 of PAIA will be clearly stated in your response if denied access.

  • protecting the privacy of others (a natural person)
  • safeguarding the business information of another organization
  • the preservation of research data
  • safeguarding the property and personal safety of the third party, as well as its trade secrets;
  • required adherence to any agreement that protects third parties' sensitive information;

What to do if we deny you access.

  • According to the South African laws you have the right to exercise external remedies at your disposal if the Request for Access is refused by our information officer ,because to us the decision made by the information officer is final.
  • Within 180 days of receiving notice of the determination, the petitioner may file a lawsuit in a court of law according to sections 56(3)(c) and 78 of the PAIA.


Prescribed fees were published by the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development in the Government Gazette No. 23119, General Notice No. 187 of 15 February 2002.

How we process and protect personal information

We use different categories of people's personal information for different things. Please see our website's privacy statement for more details.

Categories of people

We process the personal information of the following categories of people:

• customers,

• prospects or leads,

• employees,

• recruiters and medical practitioners providing services related to


• contractors, vendors, or suppliers,

• debtors and creditors, and

• directors and shareholders


We process the personal information to:

• provide our services,

• better understand our data subjects’ needs when doing so,

• keep our data subject records up to date,

• manage employees in general,

• manage supplier contracts in general,

• manage customers in general,

• enforce debts,

• market services to prospects,

• process customer requests or complaints, and

• process personal information of employees for forensic purposes.

Categories of personal information

We process many different categories of personal information, including:

• contact details, such as phone numbers, physical and postal addresses,

and email addresses,

• personal details, such as name and surname,

• account numbers, and

• contract information.

Third-party disclosures

We give the following people personal information that we process in the ordinary

course of business to fulfil our obligations to our customers or clients.

• Vendors or suppliers.

• Sales representatives or vendors

• Operators, other responsible parties, or co-responsible parties.

• Third party suppliers to help us maintain our services.

Availability of this Manual

This manual is available in English in electronic format on our website and in

physical format at the reception of our company offices.

Updates to this Manual

We will update this manual as required by law or if there are any material changes to

our business offering