Return policy Guidelines

Where a Customer wishes to cancel an Order and has communicated this to the Provider, then the Provider will immediately notify the Seller through the Back End Access.

The following points should be included in the seller's return policy.

Customer response time

The seller must put in writing the expected customer response time so as to provide a better experience for the customer, the provider recommends that the response time be less than 24hrs.

    1. Cooling-Off Period

The seller will comply with The Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 (CPA) which allows the customer to return goods within 5 days of delivery. The seller should remember that the CPA only provides consumers with the right for goods to be returned or exchanged for a refund, repair or replacement if the goods are unsafe or defective. Not for well-functioning products that the customer simply does not like the product. In such instances, the seller must put in writing clearly the fees and charges that apply.

    1. Delivery Charges

In the seller's return policy, the seller should outline who will be responsible for the delivery cost and if it is refundable.

    1. Handling fees

The seller should clearly state handling fees or surcharges and how they will be calculated. This will make it easy for the customer to make purchase decisions