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Sushi Maker helps you Make your Own Sushi at Home

  • Sushi maker for nigiri sushi easily guides you to make chef like sushi at home. Akebono sushi maker from Japan is the best sushi accessory for sushi lovers. Quick and easy to make with a mould that helps you make delicious sushi in a few steps. A great product for simple nigri. Fresh and healthy. So you can enjoy sushi at home. Or better yet have a fun night making sushi at home with friends and family for a big sushi party.

How to make sushi?

  • Have you ever tried making sushi at home? It is no easy process. But with this sushi making tool you can easily make your own nigiri sushi in just a 5 steps.
  • Follow these steps when making your own sushi with the akebono sushi maker:


  1. Place the mold on a slightly damp cutting board & fill with sushi rice
  2. Lightly press the embossed surface of the stamping mold over the mold filled with rice
  3. Place the toppings on top of the mold filled with rice
  4. Move the formwork with the material on top of the mold
  5. By pressing the mold against the mold the sushi is finished. The sushi finally appears on top of the sushi mold


  • Raw material resin polypropylene
  • Heat resistant temperature 120 degrees
  • Cold-resistant temperature -20 degrees

How to Take Care of this Product:

  • Wash well with dishwashing detergent
  • Use it only to make & display sushi
  • Do not place near fire or put into the microwave
  • Not dishwasher friendly
  • Do not use boiling hot water to clean
  • Do not use a scrubbing brush on the top surface (double embossed part) because it will cause rice to stick

What’s included in this product?

  • Sushi Maker Nigiri for fresh sushi at home
  • Digital Recipe on how to prepare sushi rice
  • Digital instructions on how to make sushi using your new sushi maker

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